How Instagram Is Becoming A Platform Telling Women To Love Their Bodies

Men judge women for their appearance. Women judge women for their appearance. Articles which judge women such as “Bollywood Actresses who should never wear a bikini“, parents judging women, in short — the whole world is constantly monitoring the clothes a woman wears in or out of her house. This is neither a fact or a habit, it is both.

In a country like India, where it has taken years for women to own their right of wearing what they want, it doesn’t stop the Facebook generation from commenting on the heaviness, girth, face, health condition of us. If a fat woman (I hate to use the term fat – but it’s the best way to explain it) wears a sleeveless T-Shirt and uploads a picture, in pours the judgement, calling her unhealthy and fat shaming. Her bulk is immediately perceived to be a symbol of negligent self-care and must be an example of obesity to the outside world.

There is a revolution brewing. And it’s on the social networking site, Instagram.

Call them what you want, plus size bloggers, fat fashion bloggers, fat is the new sexy, they are promoting a new way of thinking, #NoBodyShame. Whether it’s a bikini at the beach or a crop top at the gym, this movement celebrates love — loving your body in every way.

International bikini plus size supermodel Ashley Graham proudly shows off her cellulite and is a testament to the fact that a curvy body can land you a huge fashion contract in the industry

Ashley Graham for SheThePeople.TV

Image courtesy: lifeandstylemag.com

Recently, popular model Tess Holiday was fat shamed by an Uber driver in the USA who asked if her cholesterol level was in check!

Endangered Bodies NYC  through their initiative ” Love your body” intends to challenge all the body hatred that turns girls and women against their own bodies. It encourages women from all parts of the world to share photos about body uniformity. Another example of #NoBodyShame is Megan Jayne Crabbe, who is inspiring women to be body positive, she is a an anorexia survivor. She started the page initially to heal her own body image, but has now over 827k followers.

megan Jayne Crabbe for shethepeople.tv

Image courtesy: independent.co.uk

India has its fair share of bloggers who are contributing to the body movement by using Instagram as a showcase platform. Aashna Bhagwani runs her own fashion blog called ‘Beyond The Bouffant’ and has over 42,000 followers on Instagram. She is a strong advocate of body positivity and says, “Every body is unique and all bodies are worthy of respect and self-love. 10 years ago, I would have been stunned at the concept of plus size fashion/blogging. Today. the plus size fashion industry is growing rapidly. This is possible with the help from social media, which has in itself helped in starting big movements such as body positivity.”

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