How Exercise Makes Your Brain Better

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We are living in a world where the scope of maintaining physical fitness has completely reduced. A sedentary lifestyle has now become a part of the daily lifestyle. It is scientifically proven that the brain benefits from exercising as it leads to a sense of calmness and acts as a cognitive enhancer. Exercise is the pillar of brain health.

Here are some benefits of exercise for the brain:

1) Improves the executive functions which brain does which include a higher level of thinking skills. These skills are important for our daily working system like organisation, management, planning, problem-solving, etc.

2) Exercise increases IQ level: Some scientific studies have found that there is a direct link between cardiovascular health and the IQ performance of the brain.

3) Improves Focus which is considered to be the important part of brain function increases with regular exercising. Physically fit people have a complete ability to maintain focus as compared to the ones who are not physically fit.

4)Increases Cognitive Flexibility: In the fast-paced lifestyle which requires flexibility and multitasking capabilities, exercise can help in increasing the cognitive flexibility. The frequency of aerobic exercises is directly proportional to the increase in sharp mind, mental speed and flexibility.

5) Stronger Willpower: With regular exercise, there comes the willpower to do something. Willpower is another executive function of the brain, which maintains the desirability and the strength to accomplish a task. Exercise increases the self-control thereby increasing the will power.

6) Helps in controlling emotions: Emotions are not only part of cognitive skills, but also psychological set up of the mind. By exercising, a mind gets fresh and removes the negativity. It completely changes the behavioural pattern.

7) Sharpens memory and helps in maintaining long-term memory. It helps in increasing the comprehension and interpretation of a situation. Around 30 minutes of regular exercise on daily basis is recommended by health experts.

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