Himachal Man Sells Cow To Buy Smartphone For Kid's Online Classes. Sonu Sood Offers Help

A father in Himachal Pradesh sold his cow to buy a smartphone so his two children could attend online classes.

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Himachal Man Sells Cow

Braving all odds, Kuldeep Kumar, sold a substantial source of his income to give better lives to his kids. He sold his cow for just Rs 6,000 to buy a smartphone for his two children for them to attend online classes. His daughter Anu and son Vansh are studying in Classes four and two, respectively, in a government school. The family of four lives in a mud house at Gummer village in Jwalamukhi tehsil, Kangra district. His only income is through selling milk, The Tribune reported.


“I purchased a smartphone for the children to continue the study. I was feeling bad that I could not afford a device for my children so that they could attend online classes. So I decided to sell one of my cows for Rs 6,000,” said Kumar, who earns his livelihood by selling milk and his wife is a daily-wage earner, IANS reported.

Actor Sonu Sood has now offered help to the family. Responding to a news article, Sood enquired for more details and wrote on Twitter: “Let’s get this guy’s cows back. Can someone send his details please.”

Sood also launched a Parvasi Rojgar app on July 23 to provide job opportunities to the migrant workers.

What You Should Know

  • A father in Himachal Pradesh sold his cow to buy a smartphone so his two children could attend online classes.
  • The man Kuldeep Kumar wants to provide good education to his daughter Anu and son Vansh who are studying in a government school.
  • Actor Sonu Sood has offered to help him get his cow back.

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Speaking about how selling the cow was his last resort after he faced rejection from banks and private lenders, Kumar told, “With the switch from classroom teaching to online education, teachers are putting pressure on us that if you want to pursue education for your children, you have to buy a device. With no means of getting a smartphone with our meagre means, we finally decided to sell a cow."

Now, he is left with one cow to support his family. Kumar is still awaiting the government privileges that are allotted for Below Poverty Line (BPL) families or under the Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP). “I have applied for financial assistance for the construction of a house and inclusion of my name in the IRDP and the BPL schemes, but failed to get due to redtapism,” he rued.

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