Hima Das Is Fund-Secured Till 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Hima Das

The new sensation in World Athletics tracks, Assam girl Hima Das, has just bagged funds to prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics under the Government’s Target Olympics Podium Scheme (TOPS).

Sports India (erstwhile SAI) DG Neelam Kapur quoted by a Times of India report said, “Under the scheme, in addition to the Rs 50,000 per month as out of pocket allowance (OPA), she would be provided end to end support towards her Olympic preparation by the Government.”

The 18-year-old track champ became the first Indian woman to win a gold at the IAAF World Under-20 Athletics Championships. The sports ministry’s TOP scheme in May 2018 enlisted her name after her stellar performance at the Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2018, held in Australia.

At the Gold Coast tournament, the Assam girl had qualified for the final of the women’s 400m event, registering a personal best of 51.53 seconds. Thus, she became the first Indian woman to qualify for an athletics track CWG final. Unfortunately, she finished sixth in the final.

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Hima was supposed to be funded by the Government only until the upcoming 2018 Asian Games. But her outstanding performance at the World Under-20 Athletics Championships in Tampere, Finland, turned the tables in her favour. She recorded a time of 51.46 seconds in the 400m race

“Hima, post her excellent performance at CWG 2018, where she ran her then personal best of 51.32, was inducted in ministry’s Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS) in May 2018,” Kapur confirmed.

“Hima and the other 400m runners, post CWG, were sent to Spala Olympic Training Centre in Poland, for a month-long training in mid-May, which was funded by the Govt,” he added. “Post that she ran her personal best of 51.13s at the Inter-State Championship in Guwahati in June, 2018. Post the U-20 World Championship, she would be joining the other Indian 400m runners for pre-Asian Games camp, which has been funded by the Govt under Annual Calendar for Training and Competition.”

Way to go, Hima!

Feature Image Credit: IAAF / Twitter

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