Hillary Clinton plays the ‘woman card,’ send it to supporters!

Politics is donning new colours on the gender front. Donald Trump’s “woman card” remark has been taken up literally by Hillary Clinton’s supporters. She is using this opportunity to fundraise off of Donald Trump’s latest jab at her.

Trump’s comment that Clinton is using a ‘Woman Card’ got social media buzz. Many took to social media with mock-ups of what those woman cards might look like.

Hillary Clinton Woman Card

Hillary Clinton Woman Card: Credit-American Mirror

Clinton’s campaign has made a few limited number of ‘woman cards’ that will be sent to supporters who donate.

“We’ve been hearing from supporters they’d like a “woman card” of their very own to display proudly on a fridge or pull out of their wallet every time they run into someone who says women who support Hillary must not be using our brains (that’s a real thing Donald Trump’s senior adviser said yesterday),” Clinton’s Women’s Outreach Director Mini Timmaraju said in the email according to reports.