Hillary Clinton controversies that pose a threat to her campaign

Hilary Clinton officially announced that she will be running for President in the coming elections. She has her fair share of both admirers and haters in the country and that can be seen everywhere right now- from news articles to social media. But despite her strong comeback since the last time, she has had many controversial issues that might catch up with her. Some of these recent issues are:


The emails security breach

According to reports, Clinton violated State Department regulations by using a personal email account for government business, which means that she did not have a government email address during her four-year tenure as the Secretary of State. Even though Clinton has publically spoken about the issue saying she only used her personal email as a matter of convenience like many before her; this is being seen as a major security breach. Her spokesperson, Nick Merrill, too has defended her by saying she has been complying with the “letter and spirit of the rules.”


Benghazi attacks

The armed attack on a diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, that killed U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others in 2012- might be the biggest challenge Clinton will have to face. It appears that frequent requests were made for more security by the victims that were not paid heed to. According to Cinton however, the requests did not make it up to her through the chain of command and the State Department’s Accountability Review Board in December 2012, too, did not directly blame Clinton for the attack.


Hillary Clinton Picture By: Bloomberg

Hillary Clinton
Picture By: Bloomberg

The Clinton philanthropy controversy

The donations made to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation by elite donors with close ties to foreign governments and state-run companies, while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, have raised many eye-brows. Some of the middle-eastern countries that made these donations have been criticized for their poor human rights records and for ties to terror funding throughout the Middle East. Former President Bill Clinton has however stated that they make their donations public for everyone to see and the people can decide for themselves if they support the Foundation.


Vote to authorize the Iraq War

Despite being a Democrat, Clinton’s support for the initial invasion of Iraq had caused a huge problem in the 2008 elections and even though she has admitted that it was a bad decision, it might continue to stain her reputation during the upcoming elections.


[Featured Picture Courtesy: ABC News]