Hillary Clinton cites example of women entrepreneurs making progress in India

While USA prepares for elections that could see the first woman president in the country’s history; the presidential candidate looks to India for inspiration. At the Women of the World Conference being held in New York this year, Clinton, while addressing the audience and talking of equal pay and opportunities for women; cited the example of Indian women entrepreneurs, who are working in Micro-finance.


According to a report by Asian Age.com, she said, “We have seen women all over the world become agents of change, drivers of progress, makers of peace. I have seen penniless women in India and Bangladesh banding together to secure microfinance loans and start their own small businesses,” adding, “So many women are still paid less than men for the same work, with even wider gaps for women of colour.” She also stated that US is the only country in the developed world that does not guarantee paid leave to new mothers.


Hillary Clinton with Beatrice Biira at the Women in the World Summit Picture By: The Guardian

Hillary Clinton with Beatrice Biira at the Women in the World Summit
Picture By: The Guardian


Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinto, who is all set to hold her first local fundraisers, concluded by saying that this was a great time to be a woman, because of all the progress that has been made in curbing violence against women, closing the gender gap and improving maternal health.


Further taking a stand for the LGBT community and the sexual assaults faced by them, she said that they should be embraced as colleagues and friends and not dismissed for their personal choices. Saying that strong women make strong families, which in turn make countries strong; Clinton said that despite all the progress, we are just not there yet. She added: “That is the dream we share, that is the fight we must wage. We are so close, closer than we have ever been,” reported DNA.


[Featured Picture Courtesy: Daily Mail]