Girls In Hijab Trolled For Taking Part In Flash Mob

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Three Muslim college students in hijab were trolled for taking part in a World AIDS Day flash mob. The Kerala Women’s Commission has now asked the police to take action against the trolls.

The girls were part of a group of flash mobs that performed at the Kottakkunnu junction, in front of a state bus depot, in Mallapuram.

The Mallapuram district health department organised several AIDS awareness events, including the flash mobs. The three girls danced to the much-loved song ‘Jimikki Kammal’. When the video of the girls dancing was shared, it received negative comments from social media users

Trio singled out

The college’s mass media officer (of the health department) Gopalan Kutty said: “The college volunteered to take part in the awareness programme. Of the 50 students, 15 participated in the flash mobs. In one performance, only three girls participated. Unfortunately, the video of that show was circulated on social media. In the other flash mobs, there were girls from Hindu, Muslim and Christian communities. In fact, the college had come forward to conduct the flash mobs.’’

The college administrator Abdul Razak said, “We have no complaints against the girls participating in the flash mob wearing hijab. We believe these students have the freedom to stage such a performance. The trouble started when someone singled out three Muslim girls and circulated their video on social media.”

Support for the girls

A Radio Jockey in Doha, Qatar, was even forced to apologise after he cheered the girls. He said he has even been threatened with jail under blasphemy laws

The state government has offered its support to the girls and social media users have come out in support of them.

“It is unfortunate to give a religious tinge to portray women in bad light and degrade them. This emboldens more women to come out publicly,” said one Twitter user.

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