Highlights of #StartUpIndia

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>Government providing a launch pad is seminal

>Ecosystem with out the system

>No better time than now to be an entrepreneur: Ravi Gururaj

>Deep Kalra: Way back then I did a startup in 2000 you were considered messed up

>Today people respect the idea of a startup, you don’t do a startup today because you can’t do a good job but because you want to be a master of your own journey

>India has 10 unicorns of which at least one is headed by a female founder

>Indians have entrepreneurship in its DNA


>PM’s visit to Silicon Valley has created a direct relationship between Silicon Valley and India: Amitabh Kant

>Startups are a key link for India’s social initiatives to put the country back on high growth trajectory: Amitabh Kant

>Onno Ruhl. Country Director, World Bank: Applaud government to recognise the startup ecosystem

>Onno Ruhl. Country Director, World Bank: We need innovations in energy and engineering to for sustainability

>Onno Ruhl. Country Director, World Bank: Indian #startups must look at creating opportunities where India needs them


>We recognise India has changed, people looking for govt jobs have reduced: Sitharaman

>Starting a startup is as important as an exit from them: Sitharaman


>Finance Minister Arun Jaitley: StartUpIndia is a landmark for India’s ecosystem

>With this #StartUpIndia campaign, government will play less and less role in interventions

>This launch in Vigyan Bhawan is different because its probably the first time we see a large number of entrepreneurs here, most of whom I am not familiar with.

> Good not to see the usual suspects here at Vigyan Bhawan: Arun Jaitley

>#StartUpIndia is landmark because its the ultimate break from the license raj in the country

>We want restrict the role of the state to policy: Arun Jaitley