Here’s How Twitter Reacted To Manik Kaur Viral Video On Eating Desi Food

Hilarious. Here's how Twitter reacted to etiquette coach Manik Kaur's version of how to eat Indian food.

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Manik Kaur Viral Video has triggered a social media debate. An etiquette coach, Manik Kaur is being criticised for her recent video on 'how to eat' Indian food. The coach put up a series of two videos on Instagram reels teaching people how to eat desi food with etiquettes. Her second video did not go well with the audience as it was criticised for being a western culture imposition over desi culture.

Most said Manik Kaur was simply imposting a western culture of eating. The etiquette coach published a series of two Instagram reels out of which netizens condemned the second more. The coach can be seen eating daal and rice as she puts a small amount of daal over rice in the video. She also taught how to eat rajma, sabzi and curd in her videos turning out be a laughing stock of many on social media who felt Indian eat just fine, however they choose.

Manik Kaur is an etiquette coach who posts video on social and business etiquettes on her Instagram account. The video was shared on Twitter by @itnamatsharma who wrote, "Dining etiquette and it’s just the worst take ever. Anybody who says never pour your dal over chawal has a weird superiority complex for no reason. The same with people who look down on eating rice with their hands."

Following this, the video was criticised by the Twitterati as some considered it as western culture imposition, others took it in a lighter sense as they joked around the eating habits in India, while others trolled the etiquettes shown in the video.

How Twitter reacted to Manik Kaur Viral Video

“Dining etiquette: Don't make videos at the table,” wrote a user criticising Kaur’s video on etiquettes sarcastically.

Another user @akwaregia criticised the British appropriation brought int the desi culture of eating saying, “I mean I understand using cutlery correctly and so on, but this just sounds like she's trying so hard to conform to British standards.”


Some added a touch of humour. User called @shraddha_shenoy, disappointed with the choice of etiquettes, commented, “Pls don't bring these etiquettes to my table. If the rice is not floating in the dal/rajam are you even livin life?”

Another user jokingly shared some eating etiquettes they taught their friends, “I taught all my friends to mix all the curries together when eating a thali. She can’t hurt me.”

Licking fingers or filling the mound of rice with curry? Or licking the entire plate off? How do you like to eat your food? Tell us in the comments!

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