Hemangi Kavi Slams Trolls Who Called Her Out For Not Wearing A Bra

Hemangi Kavi
Marathi actor Hemangi Kavi gave bra trolls a fitting reply after she was trolled for not wearing a bra in one of her videos. Kavi also penned a note and shared it on her social media handle talking about how women being physically free from wearing a bra.

Hemangi Kavi had shared a video on her social media profile about how to make perfectly round rotis. In the video she was seen standing in her kitchen with normal home clothes on. Kavi shared that while there were good comments on the video which appreciated her skills of roti making, a woman dropped a weird comment addressing her breasts.

‘Breasts Moving Too Much’

The netizen had commented on Hemangi Kavi’s post stating, “Your breasts are moving too much. ” She further asked Kavi to wear a bra. Following this comment, many others too commented on Kavi’s breasts.

The Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi actor Hemangi Kavi was astonished to see the unsolicited comments and judgements on whether she should wear a bra or not. Addressing this, she shared her opinion on her social media as well as gave an interview to Brut India.

‘We Don’t Wear Bras’

Kavi took to her Facebook handle and wrote, “In our house, when we were at home, neither my elder sister wore a bra nor I! In my house, my father, elder brother, if they go to the village, all the cousins, in short, we wear bras in front of all the men in the house! Neither their mind nor their eyes changed after seeing us like this! Neither were we told through my mother because the relationship with us is in ‘their’ head!

This hasn’t changed since we got married!

Used a bra when going out, in front of people or whenever I feel like it!

This has nothing to do with my culture or anything like a fad to absorb the western culture, etc!”

Hemangi Kavi was supported by numerous celebrities from the Marathi film industry including the Deoul Band actor and Marathi filmmaker Pravin Tarde. He wrote in the comments, “Dangerous as an idea ऽऽऽऽ .. High status as a mine काला Timeless as literature .. You fight Hemangi”.