#HelpMeWCD: Maneka Gandhi Launches New Campaign For Women And Children

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Union Minister for Women and Child Development, Maneka Gandhi, has recently launched a new campaign with the hashtag #HelpMeWCD to ensure that every voice is heard. The online campaign addresses both small and crucial issues with the help of one of the most powerful tools today – social media platforms.

Gandhi has asked women and children in distress to reach out to her through Twitter using #HelpMeWCD if they seek to report abuse cases. She promised immediate assistance in any case where a woman or child wants to file a complaint against predators, alleging harassment or violence. Taking a leaf from External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, who responds to those seeking help via social media, Gandhi is set to make a difference to women & children in distress.

Since its official announcement, reports are pouring in on Twitter.

Since the launch, the minister is scrutinizing every report such as this:

Maneka Gandhi

Maneka Gandhi 2

Similarly, last week, the news of a 17-year-old Bohra girl from Udaipur being harassed hit the headlines and the victim’s sister Saleha Paatwala took to Facebook to report the brutal case to various government and police officials. Reportedly, the accused had been using the online platform to morph a naked photo of hers.

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Finally, Gandhi responded to her via the twitter account, promising that strict action will be taken against the culprit.

Maneka Gandhi 3

When SheThePeople.TV reached out to millennials to ask whether or not they think such a campaign could be beneficial for women and children in general, we got only positive responses.

Aditi Singh, a resident of Bangalore, says, “These days, it is very difficult for women to file a report physically.  Police would point fingers towards the girl instead of the culprit. So bringing out a rather simple and responsive way of solving the problems was long overdue.”

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“Please register your grievance ladies, as no offender should think that their actions are overlooked and that they can re-do it whenever they want. Our system is flawed but #HelpMeWCD could be the step to stop it from happening more,” says Rukmani Priya from Indore.

“We have seen Sushma Swaraj extend aid everytime someone reaches out to her. We expect similar treatment from Maneka Gandhi as well,” says optimistic Paoli Mandal.

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