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Sep 20, 2016 10:37 IST
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Healthy Skin foods.

Let's admit it, a smooth, radiant skin is a dream for every woman. Sure, you believe in beauty from the inside, and yada yada yada, but who would say no to clear, glowing skin? A healthy diet is the key to your dream skin. Vitamins C, E, A, K, and B complex are essential in improving your skin health. C and E help in fighting sun damage, vitamin A helps in reduction of wrinkles and controls acne. With age, taking extra care of your body becomes a necessity. You are not in the phase where anything and everything is good for your body, and hence watching out for a healthy diet is a must.


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You are what you eat, yes? Here is a list of foods that once must consume to achieve skin goals.


These have monounsaturated fat, the good kind of fat that keep your skin hydrated. It is important that your skin has moisture or it appears to look dry and wrinkly. These fats also help in absorbing nutrients and vitamins for your skin.


I think oats is an answer to everything. Oats are low-glycemic, meaning it does not spike your sugar high immediately unlike other foods. They also prevent skin cell damage and help in soothing skin irritation.



Loaded with water, this fruit keeps your skin and cells hydrated. Orange is rich in vitamin C and has collagen which is essential in keeping skin supple. Other fruits too too are great for not just your skin but your body as a whole. These are foods that need no cooking and hence can be eaten easily.


According to a study, people with high lycopene have smoother skin. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, apart from other nutrients and vitamin C, and that is also the reason why they have a red hue. There are many other foods that can substitute tomatoes - watermelon, guava, red pepper, pink grapefruit.

Brussels Sprouts

Rich in vitamin A and folate, brussels sprouts could actually help prevent sun damage. Not to say that you can eat brussels sprouts and stay out in the sun without sunscreen, but they do help. They are also rich in vitamin C. It's time you looked up some recipes to make this a tasty dish!



It's as healthy as it sounds posh. Rich in healthy Omega-3 fats, Salmon is the one fish you should consume. 3 ounce of salmon in a week should be sufficient for an individual. Grill it to enjoy it best. Exploit google for new recipes, y'all!

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