Harleen Kaur, a student from the Institute for the Blind in Sector 26, Chandigarh has topped the class 12 CBSE board examinations in her school by scoring 96.60 percent in the humanities stream, The Tribune India reported. Despite all odds, the visually impaired student excelled in 12th standard. Harleen aspires to become a teacher someday.

A resident of Patton village in Mohali, Harleen’s vision was compromised because of a congenital condition since birth. She has a keen interest in political science and history, and she wants to further pursue those subjects with  enthusiasm.

What You Should Know

  • Harleen Kaur, a visually impaired student, has topped the class 12 CBSE board examinations in her school.
  • She studies at the Institute for the Blind in Sector 26 Chandigarh.
  • Harleen’s father is a farmer in Patton village in Mohali.

Harleen wants to become a teacher

“I want to teach younger students so that they know from a young age that just because someone is different from them, does not mean they cannot achieve the same things as everyone else. I want them to be familiarised with people like me,” she said in an interaction with The Indian Express.

Harleen’s father is a farmer in Mohali, where she has been studying at the Institute for the Blind since childhood. Talking about her future plans, she said, “For now do a simple BA and then someday become a teacher.” As per reports, it was her grandfather who always encouraged her to study. He even took up the responsibility to motivate Harleen to pursue her studies from other colleges in other cities and not stay in the Chandigarh school.

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Harleen does not want to teach visually impaired students

Harleen said if she becomes a teacher someday, she’d want to expand her reach as a mentor. She wishes to teach other students who are not visually impaired. “Why can’t I just teach kids in general? Why be put in that category?” asked the determined girl.

Harleen said during the lockdown, she studied from her own notes in braille. Her teachers also provided her with audiobooks and other technological support for preparing for the class 12 exams.

Congratulations, Harleen!

Feature Image Credit: Kalam Times

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