Gujarat Police Officer Helps Girl Reach Exam Center 20km Away, Wins Heart

Gujarat Police Officer Helps Girl Reach Exam Center
As its exam season and everyone has their panic mode turned on, a heartwarming incident from the ongoing Gujarat board exams has surfaced on the internet and quickly went viral. A Twitter user narrated the whole incident where a police officer in Gujarat helped a girl reach her exam centre after her father mistakenly dropped her at the wrong one.

The police officer sensed that the girl seemed really stressed and took the decision to personally drop her at the correct examination centre which was approximately 20kms away. The incident was shared by a Twitter user named Adarsh Hegde.

Gujarat Police Officer Helps Girl Reach Exam Center

The Twitter user described the series of events that happened and wrote that the girl was about to write her board exams, but due to being in a hurry her father dropped her at a different school examination centre, after which the girl searched for her roll number, but it wasn’t there in the list. Then she realised that she was at the wrong exam centre.

A police officer who was on his duty spotted the girl in a state of stress and asked her to which she said, that she was in the wrong place. When the kind-hearted officer heard about it and saw the actual address mentioned on her ticket hall, it was approximately 20 km away, therefore he decided to drop the girl in his police jeep with the siren on. At full speed, the police officer reached her correct exam centre on time. The Twitter user said, “Thanks to the police officer for helping the girl. There are many brilliant and good police officers in our society”.

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After the post went viral people applauded the act of kindness done by the police officer and the tweet was flooded with likes, comments and retweets. One such user wrote,” Salute to the policeman for showing humanity and helping her” while another wrote,” kudos to the police officer, a big round of applause for him, god bless him”.

Earlier a similar incident was witnessed in Kolkata where a police officer named Souvik Chakraborty won hearts over the internet after he helped a young female student by taking her to the exam centre exactly on time after he noticed her crying because her grandfather died, and her family went to attend the funeral. It’s when the policeman walked in, picked her up and made sure that she reached her exam centre on time for her 10th board exams.

Such incidents are enough to prove that these police officers are truly devoted towards their duty which is to help the general public in every way possible and bring them out of tense situations. This also shows that there are people out there, full of humanity within themselves and that brings so much hope for the betterment of society.