Growth in the number of women Entrepreneurs in India


There has been a 30%-50% increase in the number of women entrepreneurs in India in Management programmes. With less societal pressures to hold them back, women are looking towards starting their own businesses.


Goldman Sachs and Indian School of Business (ISB) for instance, started a five-year programme called 10,000 Women Entrepreneurs Programme, to aid the development of women entrepreneurs. It was a 16-week programme, spread across seven cities. Kavil Ramachandran, an anchor for ISB’s entrepreneurship initiatives, told Economic Times that 1,300 women attended the programme. He also said, “Apart from stray management programmes, the potential of women entrepreneurs hasn’t been tapped… Attendance at our programmes shows that there has been a sharp interest in entrepreneurship among women.”


According to a report by Economic Times, 25-35% of women employees are at start-ups ventures; a number that’s increasing. This growing interest is visible at other places as well. The number of women, who attend various start-up events that are hosted by the likes of Indian Angel Network and Mumbai Angels, has increased tremendously in the past two years.


[Picture Courtesy: Siliconindia News]

The angel investors also said that they see more and more women coming to them with clever business ideas. An early-stage investor, Sasha Mirchandani, told Economic Times that the quality and quantity of proposals they receive from women entrepreneurs has got better but it was still far away from the ideal.