Group Or Solo Travel? Which Kind Of Traveller Are You?

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Travelling is a personally customised experience and means different things for different people. Even with the same destinations, same mode of transport and same people you meet, travelling is unique to each. This then boils down to individual personalities. Figuring out the company for your travel can determine your whole travelling experience. Here is a list of benefits and downsides of both — group and solo travelling — that can help you figure out what kind of traveller you are.

Solo Traveller

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me” – Ayn Rand

There is a very powerful experience in store for solo travellers. The whole journey to a destination is full of revealing moments about yourself. Spending so much time with oneself makes one more grateful and conscious. Apart from it the most evident benefit of travelling solo is the independence factor. You get to control every detail of your tour. Any spontaneous mood shifts and desires can also be instantly gratified. Since there is no one else to take care of, you can adjust to any environment according to you. You can stay in homestays and make newer bonds with people you meet.

On the other hand, solo travelling can be a very difficult venture. Loneliness and security are its two major drawbacks. Infrastructure for solo travelling has to develop properly, specially for females, to have a good solo travel experience.

Group Travelling

“I want to share my best experiences with people closest to my heart,” says Rashi, a frequent traveller.

Group travelling is a more preferred and vastly carried out form of travel. A group of your choice helps you curate an amazing trip. Security wise, group travel helps you carry out some daring plans. Even a trip with unknown people through any organization can nurture a new travel bond. On travelling in a group, one learns to take responsibility of others. Planning and managing the whole trip is an adventure in itself. The cost of the trip per head goes down since it’s a shared budget. You get to try new things that otherwise you wouldn’t have thought of doing.

Group trips can be a constant flux of disagreements as well. You travel because you want to relax, but if the trip turns out in such a way that you end up adjusting a lot to others’ needs, then it turns a little sour.

Hence, both forms of travelling have their own unique flavour. What is highly recommended is to savour both of them and then decide what works for you.

Happy Travelling!

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Rachna Chandira is an intern with SheThePeope.Tv