Grey’s Anatomy Honours Covid-19 Patients With A Latest Episode

In a recent episode, Grey’s Anatomy honored the lives of victims and those affected by the deadly coronavirus. After Miranda Bailey played by Chandra Wilson’s lost her mother to the virus, she recited a list of patients who had also lost their lives due to COVID-19.

Once the scene was over, viewers watched as hundreds of names were listed on the screen. In the series, Bailey’s mother was suffering from from Alzheimer’s. She was admitted to the hospital as her body began breaking down due to complications from COVID.

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As cases of the virus continue to rise, the staff at Seattle Grace Hospital have a large number of COVID-19 patients, a similarity to what medical workers around the world are dealing with.

Bailey tells Richard Webber that she wants her father to be there for her mother. She deserves to be surrounded by love ones and family. But her father is in quarantine as he is at a risk.

In a powerful voiceover at the end of the episode, Bailey said that even in their deaths, the patients are not faceless or nameless. She said that they are more than statistics and  more than just nursing home patients. 

‘They are sons, brothers and uncles who speak five languages and run restaurants: Wade Klein, 66. They are great grandfathers who love Broadway: Jacob Lappin, 92. They are baseball-loving nurses with an easy laugh: Dane Wilson, 45. They are the world’s greatest mothers and they are the most beloved wives: Elena Rose Bailey, 84.’  

Here is a Twitter video of the powerful voiceover:

The writer of the particular episode Zoanne Clark, revealed the inspiration behind the final voiceover was ‘multifactorial.’

When Clark’s mother contracted the virus and almost died of it, she was mad that she might go down in history as one of the nameless, faceless ramifications of this disease. She saw that her mother was only one of the several people who were affected.

The writer further added, “But she was also a teacher who has influenced many successful lives and she has an infectious laugh”. She wanted the people to remember that her mother was more than just a victim of a pandemic. This was the inspiration behind the episode.

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Clark created an online memorial to on her medical website Medscape to honor those who have lost their lives due to the coronavirus: In Memoriam, Health Care Workers Who Have Died of Covid-19.

People from all over the world could submit the names of their loved ones on the website. As of July 1, the list included more than 1800 names from 64 countries ranging in age from 20 to 99.

Shivangi Thapa is an intern with SheThePeople

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