Govt To Keep Cradles In Hosps, Orphanages For Unwanted Babies

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The women and child development (WCD) ministry will now reportedly keep cradles at government hospitals, orphanages and police stations across the country where one can leave their child behind for adoption. The cradle will also have a bell for the person to ring so that the authorities can be notified.

After being notified, officials will take the child into custody and he or she will handed over to the area’s child welfare committee. The panel will further screen the child and decide if the baby is fit for adoption.

The WCD ministry has identified private and government hospitals and orphanages as prime locations to place the cradles.

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“It is a simple, humane and anonymous method for parents who are unable to look after their child and have to unwillingly part ways with them,” WCD minister Maneka Gandhi told Mail Today. She further added that by leaving their child behind in a cradle, parents will knowingly put their child up for adoption.

The government’s decision also comes as a blessing for childless people. “This will prove to be a safe place for orphaned, abandoned and surrendered children,” said a senior ministry official.

The official added that the ministry will prioritize adoption demands by single mothers as well as economically well-off mothers and women who are over the child-bearing age.

WCD ministry officials emphasized that the cradles will help eliminate the guilt and social pressure that parents feel. It will also help the government in ensuring that a child goes to a good family.

The measure is expected to being down the rate of female infanticide or abuse that parents of such children put them through in order to get rid of them.

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