Govt set to spend Rs 200 crore on scaling up existing incubators

StartUpIndia Action Plan

The government will identify 10 incubators out of existing 200 such centres and invest Rs.200 crore on scaling up their capacity, Niti Ayog chief executive officer (CEO) Amitabh Kant on Saturday said according to a report by PTI.

We are going to set up 100 new incubation centres this year

“There are 200 existing incubation centres. We will scale up 10 best incubation by 10x. We have received 120 applications for the same. We will select 10 and to each incubator we will produce Rs 20 crore,” Kant said at Start-up India states conference. He said the government will invest Rs.20 lakh to support existing tinkering labs.

“We are going to set up 100 new incubation centres this year. We have received 3,000 applications for it,” Kant said. He said the government is soon going to start a contest to find out solution for problems in India.

“Can we do a flyover, which takes 4-5 years, in 30 days and to my mind it is possible,” Kant said. He said that challenge will include developing solution for farming to help farmer decide which seed should be sown in a particular season depending on soil and weather condition to get maximum output.

The government will look at finding solution for sewage problem and solving water crisis as part of the contest, he said. “Grand challenge will be launched shortly. There is huge opportunity,” Kant said.