It’s Party Season: Good Hair Day Tips

Good hair day tips

A bad hair day never helps anyone’s mood, and while we can’t ALWAYS have good hair days, (god bless those Disney princesses), we can always come up with solutions to take care of them.

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Here’s how:

Know Your Hair Type

Everyone’s hair type is different and hence getting the right products matter. Once you figure out your hair type, start checking out the ingredients in the products, and you’ll notice the difference between what is used to treat oily hair and dry hair. Products that are paraben-free are much milder for your hair. Do try those.

Choosing the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Investing in a good shampoo is important, but it is also equally important to get the right conditioner. A lot of people believe that just shampoo-ing the dirt away is gonna do the trick, but they don’t realise that your tresses are stripped of significant oils and nutrients which the right conditioner can restore. If you tend to colour your hair often, do look out for shampoo that’s the “right type” for this even if the labels sound judgemental (Damaged hair, really? C’mon!)

Don’t Overdo It

A good rule of thumb is to wash your hair every other day (unless it’s really greasy or dirty). Washing it too often can strip it of its oils and nutrients (as above!) and affect the lustre. Shampoo goes on your scalp, and doesn’t have to be rubbed into the hair ends. Oh and yes we may have mentioned this before, but … Condition, condition, condition! Remember that conditioner works best when applied to your hair itself, not the scalp.

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Blowdrying and Straightening

Best to use a low or medium heat setting and… ideally apply some sort of protective serum before you set the heat on your hair.

Plaits are never a bad idea

A neat plait, or a bun is a go to idea for many girls with long tresses. If you’re looking for any fun ideas, here’s a helpful video:

Regular Salon Visits

Split ends automatically make your hair look dull and distorted. A regular appointment with your hairdresser can keep your hair healthy and in shape, so you’re ready for any surprise events. (And yes, we know that for some people this is a terrifying ordeal, so just keep it simple and ask for a trim, if you don’t want any surprises!)

Hair Fragrance

We all carry body mists, perfumes for ourselves, but keeping hair fragrance in your bag is a great tip. Days when you’re in a hurry and have to rush, spray your favourite hair mist and avoid the damp smell of hair.

Hair Masks

There are a zillion recipes online that help with hair troubles. I personally use a mud mask for my hair during monsoons because Mumbai can be pretty cruel to your hair during that season. The dirt and humidity combined is not a great hair conditioner. Use basic home remedies to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

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A nutritious diet is always an answer to any problem. Don’t smirk, it is the truth. Having lots of water is another good tip that usually mothers always tend to give. “Eat your vegetables” is another anthem that they stick by, and my God does that work.

Finally, don’t worry if you’re still stumped — cover up if you need to camouflage a bad hair day! Winter caps are a la mode this season.

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