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Goa Govt. to Provide Sanitary Pads at Construction Sites

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The issue of menstrual hygiene is finally gaining its due recognition with authorities trying their best to sensitize as many people as they can with regard to the topic.

For instance, Goa’s Department of Labour & Employment has decided to install sanitary pad dispensing machines at industrial estates, construction sites and government-run education institutions in the state. The aim is to ensure the menstrual hygiene of female workers at the construction sites and improve the menstrual health of the women in the workforce.

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More about the decision

The benefit will be launched in April 2018. In fact, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar is expected to make a budgetary allocation to this in his Budget for 2018-19. Labour and Employment Rohan Khaunte took the decision at a board meeting on Thursday.

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“Dispensing units will be set up throughout the industrial estates, high schools and places where children of these workers or the workers are directly working. There will be an incineration points and this will provide a lot of sanitation and give a sense of hygiene to the people.” Khaunte said.

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According to department officials, a final decision on the implementation of the scheme has not been worked out. The government is yet to decide whether women should be provided direct financial assistance or direct supply of sanitary pads per month.

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Earlier this year Bhopal station become the first railway station in the country to have installed sanitary napkin vending machine on one of its platforms.