Going Padless is the new trend in Menstrual Hygiene?

Menstrual Hygiene Day

Can you imagine a dry and rashes/cuts-free pubic area even during your messiest periods? Impossible, Right?Fortunately it is possible!! All thanks to Eco-Friendly, Reusable Menstrual cups. These new-age devices are safe and a hygienic alternative over the traditional pads and modern tampons. These bell shaped, medical-grade silicone made cups, fit the vaginal tract to collect the entire menstrual fluid to its capacity.

When full, empty the cup, clean it, reinsert and repeat! That’s it, you’re all set!! In practicality, one is literally saved from the most horrible period tantrums. Be it the stress of unwarranted leakage which stops you from sound sleep, undisturbed work or wearing your favorite “white” dress! Stocking yourself with enough pads to trap the heavy flow, or the embarrassment in pads being found, covered with layers of papers, in your bag. A foldable cup can be folded to an extent that it can fit any jeans’ pocket/ any corner of your hand purse.

Poorvi Gupta Uses The Menstrual Cup And Reviews It

Menstrual cups are reusable and have a good durability ranging from 10 years to more. This means, investing in a menstrual cup just ONCE can save your pocket from buying pads for many years of your period life. For an individual, replacing the harmful dioxin+pesticide containing plastic  wrapped sanitary pads with just one menstrual cup can save Mother Earth from the burden of 12,000 non-degradable pads that would otherwise remain unchanged for zillions of years, if not burnt. Adapting this simple-yet-powerful lifestyle shift, makes you a very important contributor in the “Swachch Bharat” mission.
Not to forget, while the major chunk of rural India still relies on unsafe hygienic practices like bleeding free without any undergarment / using cloth, changing to a menstrual cup not only saves money but prevents them from a number of infections and diseases. Today, as urban India talks about women taking up major roles in the society and workplace, let crampy menses not stand in our way to success. Being physically and mentally relaxed on those 2400 days means adding more life and productivity to the otherwise dreaded 7 menstrual years.
Let us again take pride in celebrating the true spirit of womanhood by realizing periods as our friends and not foes.
While we haven’t still noticed any shortcomings, there are millions of reasons why one should switch to a Menstrual CUP. And if you’re still thinking of giving it a try, a short tip – Darr ke aage JEET hai! Go for it!
Yashika Khater, is the CEO  and Founder of ProFIT Technologies and is a Bio-technologist who has done breakthrough research in Cancer Diagnostics at MIT-Harvard Health Sciences & Technology, Boston, USA. She is on an awareness mission, making periods easier and healthier for females across the world.