Feminism: Gloria Steinem began her journey from India

Feminism: Gloria Steinem began her journey from India

Few know that Gloria Steinem’s journey to feminism began in India. She’s the world’s most stylish and powerful feminist –  Steinem is a marvel. Stepmom to Batman Bale in real life, Gloria married David Bale, who was 6 years younger than her. They were together for 3  years before he passed away.


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Little do we know that the world renowned feminist, who also received the Presidential medal for freedom by American president Barack Obama, started out her journey of feminism from India. In her book ‘My Life On the Road’ (that was originally published in 1993 but has suddenly gained momentum in the past few years), she mentions detailed accounts of her journey and how that shaped her understanding of equality.

The book will be reviewed by Emma Watson for UN started feminist book club this month, for which Emma would also be interviewing Gloria on February 24.


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India has always been an egalitarian social structure, until colonialism came in, giving us new technology, rules and way of life. In her interview with Christiane Amanpour‘s show on CNN, she talks about the Panchayat system, she calls these ‘talking circles’as the most effective way of governance, that have been around for generations.

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The fact that makes our system unique to this fireblazer from the west is that consensus plays a more important role than time. She says, “It is highly crucial that every social justice movements comes from the sharing of concerns, discovering you are not crazy, the system is crazy.”

On her idea on where the feminist movement stands, she says,”People who say that the fight is over, are the same people who used to tell me that it is impossible and against nature.”

Her book “My Life on the Road“, published by Penguin Random House, is an amazing induction piece for aspiring feminists. It is neither age or gender specific. First written more than 2 decades ago, you will find it surprising how most of the book’s messages are still a reality we haven’t been able to chase.#