Bhagawad Gita’s Lessons For The Modern Woman

Conquer your mind for it's greater than sense, yet greater than mind is reason.

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Bhagawad Gita’s Lessons For The Modern Woman

The Bhagavad Gita has, according to my interpretation of it, many lessons for the modern woman. In our busy lives we are juggling so many things – husbands, children, bosses, mother-in-law, father-in-law, maids, colleagues – that we barely take the time to sit down in silence and introspect. Yet, the Gita, though written centuries before our era, carries many lessons we can use. Here are some of my favourites about controlling the mind and through that controlling your life:


Nowhere seek refuge, join self to self, abandon greed, without ego go to peace. Become like a sage, awake to things over which man sleeps.

Like smoke steals flame, desire robs sense, mind and reason. Conquer your mind for it's greater than sense, yet greater than mind is reason.


From anger arises bewilderment, from bewilderment loss of memory. From loss of memory comes destruction of intelligence. Thence, you perish.


Liberate from body, which of desire and passion is born; such a delight is womb of pain. Establish self-union or wisdom, bear fruit of both.



You are your own enemy, your own friend. Swing forward nor backward; succumb to pain nor pleasure, slumber nor feast, desire nor revulsion.


Fix gaze between eyebrows, in nostrils equal in-and-out breath. For you can overcome everything, in equilibrium, if you're balanced of mind.


If lump of earth and gold to you the same, seek then only yourself. When harmonise with self complete, imperishable bliss you will feel.



As hard to curb as wind is mind, but like lamp can flicker not without air, subdue it and find serenity. Your secret place within you is.


Reborn are only the pure into blessed and wise house. In new body you receive old body's character and must labour to make it even better.


Harmony is wisdom bound, to sage reborn. Motion is restless, action reborn. Inertia is delusion, inane reborn. Immortal, who transcends all.



Demonic you are if of pride, lust, ego, power, chasing wealth. Will to three gates of darkness be led: lust, wrath and greed. Foul hell!


Relinquish not action for fear of pain, or delusion. Act! Do what ought to be done. Better to let go result of actions: good, evil or mixed.


Your existence is like a tree with its root in heaven and its foliage on earth. It must be felled with the axe of detachment.

Body and mind, in this life, are to duty discharged. Before your end, do action to full; but pine not for result, concern it's not of yours.


Life’s best lessons, don’t you think?


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