Greater Noida: Girls Jump Off A Moving Bus To Escape Harassment

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Another humiliating incident reported from Uttar Pradesh has been that two children, both Class 12 girls, were forced to jump off a bus after four teenagers harassed them and the driver declined to stop the bus.

Details of the incident

The incident occurred on Thursday in Greater Noida, outside Delhi. The two students, both residents of the village of Ranhera, boarded a private bus bound for Bulandshahr about 10 am. In the middle of the car, they filled chairs. Soon after, four young boys, sitting in the front row, started to abuse them by making lewd remarks.

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What happened next?

The girls tried to get off the bus, but the driver refused to park. Instead, the engine sped. In addition, he did not pause at the Beerampur village bus stand, where the girls were waiting for some of their fellow students. When asked, the driver told the girls that the bus was flying on a separate route and, after repeated demands, declined to stop.

“Aaj to nahi rukegi bus”

“The youths started commenting saying that the bus would not stop here. They said things like ‘aaj to nahi rukegi bus’ (today the bus will not stop) and ‘mazaa aa gaya’ (it’s going to be fun today). We sensed trouble and went towards the back of the bus from the middle as we were scared. My friend again asked to bus driver to stop but he continued to drive. Then we jumped from the bus one by one,” a report by The Times of India quoted one of the girls as saying.

Aftermath action by Police

One of them suffered injuries to her head, foot and waist while the other sustained a hand and a leg fracture. Following this, police were informed and an FIR was registered.

The police said that the family of the girls involved did not mention the accusations surrounding the youth’s behavior. They just suggested that the driver had failed to stop the car. Therefore, only the bus driver was booked under Sections 279 (rash driving), 338 (causing severe injuries by life-threatening acts) and 337 (causing injury to any individual) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Furthermore, police said that the driver apologised and the matter is being settled.

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