Girl Realises Father Rapes Her Through School Lesson

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A 12-year-old girl realised that her father had been repeatedly raping her for the past seven years, after attending a class on good and bad touch in her school. After the lesson, the girl confided about what was happening to her to a friend. The friend then informed the principal and a case has been registered against the father in Bajghera police station.

Pratibha Deepak Maheshwari an NGO owner helped file the case. She said that the father raped the girl whenever they were alone at home, and if she resisted, he would beat her. He would also rape her elder sister. Their mother was aware of what was happening but did not say anything. Maheshwari had taken the girl to Jaipur initially, to protect her. Maheshwari said that she had spoken to the Child Welfare Committee in Haryana. She approached the Childline in Jaipur, which helped register the Zero FIR and also transferred the case to Gurgaon.

“I was shocked to know that a man had been raping his daughter since she was five-years-old. This is a heinous crime and can’t be brushed under the carpet. Action must be taken against the accused,” said Maheshwari.

The girl is being counselled by officials said Inspector Shamsudin, SHO, Bajghera police station. The accused works as an electrician at a mobile tower and the family is from Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh.

Children are often unaware of abuse because of the lack of sex education in schools. The taboo against talking about sex is so pronounced in India that in 2014, the then Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan, wrote that sex education in schools should be banned. In 2016, the Centre asked a panel that was making recommendations for a new education policy to remove the word “sex” and “sexual” from the government document because it could “offend people.”

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