Girl Power: Sushmita Sen vs Donald Trump

Sushmita Sen sends oxygen cylinders, Sushmita Sen today's women

Ah, what can we say about Donald Trump, that women the world-over haven’t said already? Except, can you believe this guy? The contender for the White House has made some very public sexist comments, which the opposing Democrat camp has been more than happy to highlight.

As Hillary Clinton’s campaign tweeted: In a public event Donald Trump called 1996 Miss Universe Alicia Machado, ‘Miss Piggy’ after she put on some weight after the pageant. Video of that comment was enough for the world to react… and how!

While news anchor and columnist Barkha Dutt was amongst the first to react:

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One of her followers suggested that Barkha Dutt should schedule an interview and discuss the topic with India’s first Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen, who was quick to respond. This is what the outspoken lady had to say on Twitter:

1994 when India won Miss Universe, Paramount Communications owned the pageant, not Trump. Thank God! Besides, you should know me better! 

Now that’s how you shut someone down. And we know you agree!

“I was delighted to see Sushmita Mam’s reaction, Alicia won the pageant based on her beauty and speech no one has the right to put her down and shame her about her figure,” Arpita Kaur, a Runner-up of Goldilities Miss Diva Bengal told SheThePeople.TV.

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We know it might be hard for Trump to realise the power of the new age women but looks like we need more women like Suhsmita in order to show him the real courage and strength of women.
More power to her!

Views expressed are personal.

Feature Image Credit: Indiatoday

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