Getty Museum Challenges Art Lovers to Recreate Classic Exhibits

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Art enthusiasts who found their abode in museums and art galleries had been stranded by the global quarantine. But take a bow in front of the technology that has rendered us a survivable lockdown lifestyle. With loads of content to consume, tons of e-books to read and the availability of video calls, self-isolation hasn't done us as bad as we assumed it could. The lovers of art, however, were having a rough time until Los Angeles' Getty Museum announced an online challenge to recreate famous paintings with household articles, as per this report.


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We've all been sitting idle for quite a few weeks now and virtual challenges are being heartily extended and accepted by people across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The hooked-to-the-screens millennials couldn't resist indulging when the Getty Museum tweeted, “We challenge you to recreate a work of art with objects (and people) in your home.” The rules being as simple as resurrecting the favourite artwork with any three articles lying around the house.

The challenge was inspired by the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam and a brilliant Instagram account called 'Between Art and Quarantine', but adapted with the invitation to use digitized and downloadable artworks from Getty’s online collection. There is a myriad of hilarious modern adaptations of iconic art pieces some of which were retweeted by the institution as well.

Pontormo's Portrait of a Halberdier that shows a young man standing by a fortress wall holding a halberd was recreated by a lady who is holding a hockey in her hand and has tried to copy the pose of the man in the painting. Her expression says it all.

The classic, Madonna and Child, a representation of Mary and Christ was resurrected by a girl who held her pug close to herself as Madonna does in the original piece that was painted by Duccio di Buoninsegna. She wrapped a towel around her head to resemble the outfit Madonna is wearing. Twitterati burst out laughing at the modern Madonna!

Helen Frankenthaler's Mirabelle's contemporary adaptation was made using toilet paper, the recent target of memes and jokes given the overstocking of the item due to quarantine. The use of the precious commodity made the reconstruction an ingenious attempt that deserves applause amid the bursts of laughter.

Minneapolis' colossal Spoonbridge and Cherry structure was recreated on rather a small scale with a spoon and a strawberry since the creator did not have cherries. The actual structure was built over a pond in the 1980s. The girl recreated the structure spilled water beneath the spoon and the internet sure is praising the hysterical attempt.

From the globe, the posture, and the outfit, to the facial expression, everything has been kept care of in Vermeer's The Astronaut. Kudos to the guy who managed a stark resemblance between the painting and the recreation.

The Getty Museum's challenge has made the art community rejoice and have some fun amid the despondency that is lingering in the air.

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