Everything To Know About Rihanna’s Ganesha Pendant Controversy

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Ganesha pendant on Rihanna angers netizens: Following her viral farmers’ protest tweet from February 2, pop icon Rihanna has once again found herself in the thick of controversy, this time of a religious nature. In a picture she posted on Twitter on February 16, the Umbrella singer can be seen sporting a purple pendant cut in the figure of Hindu god Ganesha over her bare top.

Rihanna’s tweet has not gone down well with many social media users who are deeming it to be an affront to their religious faith. Added to many netizens’ resentment with the singer for remarking on the farmers’ protest, the backlash against her now seems to have doubled.

See the photo with Ganesha pendant on Rihanna below: 

Rihanna had kicked up a social media storm with a single tweet on the internet shutdowns surrounding farmers’ protest, saying, “why aren’t we talking about this?!” It led many Indian political leaders to claim she was part of an international plot to “defame” India. A photo of her morphed with Pakistan’s flag was used to further this theory.

Ganesha Pendant on Rihanna’s Bare Body Deemed “Offensive”

The photo of a Ganesha pendant on Rihanna has drawn severe criticism against her. Aside from those taking religious offence, others are claiming this to be an instance of “cultural appropriation.” Here are a few reactions from Twitter: 

Ganesha pendant on Rihanna called “culture appropriation”

Global attention had been cast on India’s ongoing protests when Rihanna’s tweet evoked a response from other notables like Greta Thunberg, Meena Harris and Mia Khalifa. A ‘toolkit’ document shared by Thunberg in that regard has now taken centrestage with authorities issuing a probe into its contents. Youth activist Disha Ravi has been arrested for the same and lawyer Nikita Jacob’s role is being investigated. More here.