From Zumba To Yoga, This Women’s Fitness Fest Had It All

Women's fitness fest

Amidst the zillion responsibilities women juggle with, finding time for fitness can be quite a task. Keeping this in mind, Neha Madan and Ruchi Makkad organised a Fitness Fest in Mumbai recently. The fest addressed the importance of fitness and encouraged women to make fitness a part of their daily routine.

It was an early morning event. It was also a working day, but the turnout was quite impressive!” exclaimed Ruchi Makkad, founder of NRI Events.

While a lot of events happening simultaneously in other parts of the city promoted different aspects of women empowerment, Makkad and Madan chose fitness as their central idea. “We see a lot of women multitasking during different phases of their lives. In such a scenario, talking and promoting fitness was the fundamental idea behind the fest. It was good to see so many women turn up for the fest at the break of dawn.”

Fun activities organised At Fitness Fest

Fun activities organised At Fitness Fest

Fun activities 

Giving us an insight into the gamut of activities organised for women, Ruchi shares,”We started with Om Chanting. The spiritual mantra set the right mood for the day. This was followed by practice of some Yoga postures. After this, we went on a boot camp where we did Belly Dancing, Zumba and played some interesting games by Decathlon. There was also a chat with the objective of enlightening the audience with the role of nutrition in our lives. A cooking workshop added the much required fervour to the fest.”

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cooking session at fitness fest

A cooking session at Fitness Fest

Cooking Session 

The fest also reflected the transition India is slowly and steadily making in the direction of fitness. Ruchi feels that “Today’s generation has started talking about healthy food and new kinds of work-outs. I remember hitting gyms to be the only hub for fitness. Things have changed now. Everyone seems to be experimenting with new stuff by doing something for better health and fitness.”

“There are 24*7 gyms opening now for the first time. People are conscious of being fit and living a healthy life. We feel the champagne brunches are too overdone and so we wanted to do something people really care about and bring in fitness activities and healthy food to start their day with collective energies,” says Neha Madan, co-founder, NRI Events.

Talking about the overwhelming response, Ruchi says,”I was elated at seeing women wake up as early as 6:30 am exclusively for our fest. As more and more women are becoming aware of the need to be fit, they are trying their best to incorporate fitness in their daily schedule.”

A half an hour jog or a  15-minute stretch can really boost your energy. It is important to breathe fresh air and relax yourself – Ruchi Makkad

So ladies! It is important for you to capitalize on your “ME” time by waking up early and exercising before you start planning your day ahead.

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