"Justice Being Denied": Protester Nun In Bishop Rape Case Ordered To Vacate Kerala Convent

In the Franco Mulakkal rape case nun who took part in protests has been ordered to vacate her convent space. A recap of Sister Lucy's story.

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Franco Mulakkal rape case nun: Sister Lucy who partook in protests against rape-accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal in 2019 has been ordered to vacate her convent in Kerala, reports said Monday. She was dismissed from the Kerala church congregation two years ago after allegations of rape linked to Mulakkal first surfaced.


Lucy Kalappura made several appeals to church authorities challenging her dismissal. After her latest appeal was rejected by the Vatican, she was issued a notice to vacate her quarters in the convent. More here.

A letter by the Franciscan Clarist Congregation (FCC), part of the Catholic Church, addressed to Sister Lucy reportedly reads, "There is no further legal remedy available to you to within the Catholic legal system to challenge your dismissal... Now onwards it is unlawful for you to continue to stay in any of the Franciscan Clarist Convents."

5 Things About Franco Mulakkal Rape Case Nun Protester Sister Lucy

1. Rape allegations against Bishop Franco Mulakkal of Jalandhar came to light in 2018, after a nun complained and Kerala police took cognisance. She accused Mulakkal of raping her multiple times between 2014 and 2016. Three more women came forward with misconduct allegations, following which Mulakkal took a leave of absence from Bishophood.

2. In January 2019, Kerala nuns organised a protest against Mulakkal, expressing solidarity with the complainant. As per reports then, four of five nuns who took part in the protest were asked to leave the convent. The nuns had been transferred the previous year, but alleging authorities were "taking vengeance for their public protests" they had stayed back.

3. Sister Lucy joined the church when she was 17, she said in interviews that year. After two warnings, she was dismissed from the convent on "disciplinary grounds" in August 2019. The congregation cited her 'lifestyle' - which included driving, writing books, earning remuneration - "violated her vows" as a nun.

4. Karthavinte Namathil, a book authored by Sister Lucy, released later that year in December containing explosive accounts of sexual misconduct and harassment within church premises. "The experiences I know of, that some of my sisters have been through, are horrendous. I am aware of some convents, where young novice nuns are sent to priests for their ‘pleasure’ as a matter of practice," an excerpt from the book reads. More here.

5. Reacting to her order of vacating the convent, Sister Lucy said Monday justice was being denied to her for speaking the truth. "These people who are denying justice are the ones who teach that truth must be said. The people are with me," she said.

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