Former CM Mehbooba Mufti Condemns The Arrest Of Special Police Officer Saima Akhter

Mehbooba Mufti condemns Saima Akhter arrest: Mufti criticised the arrest of Special Police Officer (SPO) Akhter, who was taken to custody for allegedly ‘glorifying terrorism.’ She stated that “When it comes to cruelty even women aren’t spared in Naya Kashmir”.

Saima Akhter Arrest

SPO Saima Akhter is a resident of the Frisal area from the south Kashmir district. Akhter was arrested from the Kulgam district for allegedly glorifying terrorism. She was terminated from service for obstructing government officials in the discharge of their duties and was booked under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA).

According to a police spokesperson, security forces launched a search operation on input regarding the presence of militants. The search party was obstructed by Akther during the operation.

The spokesperson stated that “The lady resisted the search party and turned violent and uttered statements glorifying violent actions of terrorists.” The spokesperson added that Akhter took a video on her mobile phone and uploaded it on social media “with the intent of disrupting the search operation”.

Why was Akhter arrested?

Saima Akhter was arrested at the police station Yaripora under section 352 of the Indian Penal Code and the UAPA. Mehbooba Mufti stated that the forces were repeatedly coming to raid her house and that all Akhter did was raise legitimate questions over it.

Going Viral

Saima Akhter’s video went viral on social media, and she can be heard asking the security forces why her house is being searched regularly. In the video while we cannot see her, Akhter was heard saying “If anything happens to my mother, you will have to face the consequences. Why do you come here again and again? Nobody is here. Go to the houses where militants are hiding, there is no one in this house. My mother is ill.”

Akhter is also can be heard shouting at the security personnel to not enter her house to conduct search operations unless they removed their shoes. She also stated that the security personnel had sometimes come for search operations at odd hours when women were alone in the home.