Ex-BBC Director Resigns From UK National Gallery Following 1995 Diana Interview Backlash

Tony Hall ,BBC Interview , Princess Diana
Former BBC Director-General Tony Hall resigned from the chair of the UK’s National Gallery following the investigation into his role in the 1995 Princess Diana interview.

Tony Hall said in a statement that “I have today resigned as chair of the National Gallery.” Hall said that it became clear his role in the investigation would be a distraction to the institution.

Hall also added that he was “very sorry for the events of 25 years ago” and said that he believes “leadership means taking responsibility”.

Retired senior judge John Dyson lead the independent investigation looked into the 1995 BBC Princess Diana interview conducted by journalist Martin Bashir. Dyson’s investigation found that BBC “fell short” of the high standards of the channel.

Dyson called the 1996 BBC investigation done by Tony Hall and Anne Sloman “flawed and woefully”. The BBC investigation conducted by the pair cleared Bashir of wrongdoing.

Hall responded to Dyson’s report and accepted that their investigation “fell short of what was required”. He added “there were further steps we could and should have taken” and said he was wrong to give Bashir the benefit of the doubt.

Hall said that “Throughout my 35-year career at the BBC, I have always acted in ways I believe were fair… I am sorry that our investigation failed to meet the standards that were required.”

Current BBC Director General Tim Davie said that the process of obtaining the interview “fell far short”. He added that BBC should have “made greater effort to get to the bottom of what happened” and should have been transparent about the information that was known.

Davie also issued a “full and unconditional apology” for Bashir’s deception.

In January 2020, Tony Hall announced that was stepping down from the position of BBC Director General. He was appointed as the chair of the board of trustees at the UK National Gallery that same day.

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