For these celebs, every day is Mother’s Day

Whoever said motherhood was about lying low should take a leaf out of the book of these celebrity moms

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Once, pregnancy and motherhood were private matters. Women did not talk about them much. But now, in the age of social media and openness, there’s a new frankness in the air. Mothers and mums-to-be frequently write about their changing bodies and their views on bringing up children.


Meet eight celebs who flaunt their mommyhood.

Shveta Salve Mommy-to-be: Shveta Salve  (Picture Credit: DNA)

  • Shveta Salve - The actress is currently 40 weeks pregnant, and she is completely open about the changes in her body, posting pictures of herself almost every day on Instagram. A few days ago, she even bared it all in an article she wrote for a website called Pyjama People saying "Your mamma is as ready as she can be!"

    Twinkle Khanna Actress and author, Twinkle Khanna ( Picture Credit:Indian Express)

  • Twinkle Khanna – Writing under the pseudonym Mrs Funnybones, her weekly column is about life in general, but she frequently talks about her daughter and her ‘prodigal son’. The former actress is open about her life and motherhood, and hilarious to boot.

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Kiran Manral Author Kiran Manral (Picture Credit: Mumbaigloss)

  • Kiran Manral - The author of the books ‘All Aboard’, ‘Karmic Kids’, and ‘Once Upon a Crush’ among others has a blog in which she writes about Indian parenting and the mother-child connection.

Sonali Bendre Actor and author Sonali Bendre (Picture Credit: DNA)

  • Sonali Bendre – The former actress has written a book called ‘The Modern Gurukul – My Experiments with Parenting’. The mother of a 10-year-old boy, she claims to be the world’s foremost expert on her son.

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Tara Sharma Mompreneur, Tara Sharma (Picture Credit: IDiva)

  •  Tara Sharma – Now on TV with the Tara Sharma Show, the actress and model also blogs under the same name. She frequently writes about her experiences of motherhood, with real life anecdotes. She’s the media industry’s model mum now.

Shvetha Jaishankar Runway model, Shvetha Jaishankar (Picture Credit: DNA)

  •  Shvetha Jaishankar – The former beauty queen and runway model talks extensively about motherhood and how, during her pregnancy, she did not lock herself in, but attended events and went places. Three stars for her lack of inhibitions.

Maria Goretti Former MTV VJ, Maria Goretti (Picture Credit: India Today)

  •  Maria Goretti – The popular former MTV VJ blogs about parenting and motherhood as she carries on with her life. Much of what she shares on social media is highly relatable for mothers and all women in general.

Updated with a change: Pyjama People was earlier written as Pyjama Party and Salve was incorrectly reported to have twins

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