For men: Next time you masturbate in public, look around!

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Girls are changing their attitude towards perverts who think that the public roads, public transportation and every girl who is out of their house to study, learn, work or travel are their property. On the afternoon of 12th July a 35 year old pervert who was later identified as Rais Likayat Qureshi from Bandra was caught on camera masturbating in front of two girls travelling by an auto-rickshaw in Mumbai. The man was on a bike and stopped next to the rickshaw when he was clicked.

One girl was quick enough to capture his photo and tweet it online to the Mumbai police. Mumbai Police was quick to react to her tweet and assured that the culprit will soon be caught. They were strict and fast with their action and within three hours of the tweet the man was caught and put behind bars.

DCP Chaudhary said, “After checking the CCTV footage, we had a vague idea of where he was staying. His photograph was then shown to the beat officers and other staff in the team. Luckily, some of them identified Qureshi and we arrested him.”, reported by Mid-day.

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However if one goes online to see some of the reactions of men on social media, one gets the sense that they certainly don’t think masturbating in public is wrong, in fact many think it’s their right!  Here are a few:

So someone called’ Chupender Mody’ had this to say:

“Hey guys, do u remember a guy who is very quick on tweeter !next time u scratch ur balls look around for him ! He might b taking a selfie with your balls !! “

This, from ‘The Unbashed Indian’

There are two potent defenses for this person
1) He has a very busy life, so he was just performing some exercises to keep himself healthy whenever he got time.
2) The traffic in Mumbai roads is so much that he is forced to spend a major part of his life on the roads. So much so, he also urinates while driving his bike.

Hopefully, they remand him, and he finds the space and time to continue his exercise in peace. Look at his face!

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namo4PM4Life had this to say:

Now Indian men can’t even masterbate in peace ?

FemiNazis want to ruin our lives .
Now i can’t even scratch my balls in public , because some FemiNAzis might accuse me of lewd conduct

Well well well…since when did masturbating in public become the birth right of men?

Feature Image Credit: dnaindia.com

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