In Rare Case, Foetus Found Inside 10-Month-old Baby In Pakistan

A Pakistani family took their 10-month-old baby to the hospital, who was suffering from stomach pain. The doctors were shocked to discover that the baby girl had her unborn, hidden twin inside her abdomen.

Kalyani Ganesan
Sep 06, 2023 15:15 IST
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A Pakistani family took their 10-month-old baby to the hospital, who was suffering from stomach pain. However, a medical examination stunned doctors with a shocking revelation.

The doctors discovered that the baby girl had her unborn, hidden twin inside her abdomen. Initially, the doctors thought it was a tumour but subsequently realised that the growth in the baby’s belly was a foetus.

Foetus Found Inside 10-Month-Old Baby

This rare case is called "Foetus in Foetu (FIF)". The doctors at Sadiqabad Hospital in Pakistan and the baby’s parents were shocked after they discovered this through an ultrasound before the surgery.


The Mirror reported that the doctors initially explained that the baby was suffering from ascites, which is a condition where fluids build up in the spaces within the tummy. Dr Mustaq Ahmed, the surgeon, said that everything appeared to be as expected when the operation commenced. However, two hours later, they learned that they had removed a tumour from the baby’s abdomen.

The rare case is also called "Vanishing Twin Syndrome." The baby’s father shared that the child has been treated for chronic stomach pain since she was born. After none of the treatments worked, the family decided to consult a hospital for further treatment.

Dr Ahmed shared that this phenomenon involved the development of twins, where one foetus grows inside the body of the other. It happens to one in a million individuals. The doctor added that a sample has been given to the laboratory for further comprehensive testing.


The doctor confirmed that the baby’s condition was now stable and explained that this process is actually that of twins, in which one baby develops in the mother’s womb while the other develops inside the stomach of the foetus.

He elaborated that it was highly intricate, and the primary objective was to save the baby’s life. He was grateful for the divine intervention that led to them successfully saving the baby.

"Foetus in Foetu" is an extremely rare condition that is considered to occur once in every 5 million live births.


Similar Case

A 60-year-old Nagpur man who had been living with a bulging stomach for more than three decades was diagnosed with a similar condition called  "fetus in fetu."


Due to his huge belly, which makes him look completely different from others, he got the nickname "pregnant man".

According to The Daily Star, Bhagat, who was struggling to make ends meet, ignored the swelling to carry on working and put up with the teasing from his peers. But in 1999, when the bulge pressed against his diaphragm and made it difficult for him to breathe, he was finally rushed to a hospital in Mumbai. Dr Ajay Mehta, who saw to Bhagat's treatment, immediately assumed the man was suffering from a tumour at first glance.

However, when they opened his stomach expecting to take out the tumour, they found another human in his belly. The doctors reportedly found many bones, flesh, hair, limbs, and genitalia inside the stomach and were horrified by the discovery.

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