Airline Employee Explains Why She Won’t Store Guests’ Carry-on Luggage

Flight Attendant Passenger Luggage
Many online users are outraged after a flight attendant revealed the “true” reason why the cabin crew won’t store passengers’ carry-on luggage for them. Cierra, a flight attendant, claims that no one on the crew is paid as passengers board.

In a viral Tiktok video, she reportedly said, “We actually don’t start to get paid until the moment that airplane door shuts and the handbrake gets lifted,” adding, “On top of that, if it’s because you’re having trouble lifting it, you can easily get your packed [luggage] checked at the gate for free.”

Flight Attendant Passenger Luggage

Hundreds of people have been stunned by Cierra’s video, which has received nearly 1 million views. One user wrote, “It’s ridiculous that you don’t get paid until the doors close.”

Some others stated that they would prefer not to have their bags checked in given the present worldwide instability with airports, airlines, and missing baggage, while others didn’t take Cierra’s statement lightly. “OK asking for help to lift a bag shouldn’t ruin your day if someone is asking kindly. There’s plenty of people too short to reach the cabins up top,” one person commented.

Jamela Hardwick, a flight attendant, explained to the Insider why she won’t assist guests with their luggage. She clarified that the issue is not just one of income; if they are hurt while performing the act, they are not insured.

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While it seems “ridiculous,” Kat Kamalani, a flight attendant for more than six years, said it is true that it is not their responsibility to move bags into the overhead bins. She claimed in a TikTok video that numerous airlines advise (flight attendants) against doing this due to the high number of accidents it causes, so if they are hurt, it’s not even covered. She said that although the flight crew won’t stow our bags for us, they will gladly assist us if we ask for assistance while placing our luggage in the overhead bin.