Social media is the promised land for brands looking to really connect with their customers. SheThePeople.TV gets you some useful advice from Farrhad Acidwalla, an Indian entrepreneur, founder of  Rockstah Media, investor and TEDx speaker.

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Tips To Get Ahead on Social Media

Focus on the data: There’s an ocean full of data at your fingertips. You need to go deep and analyse the data and comprehend its potential. Figure what’s worked for your brand in the past and focus on scaling it.

social media trends and outlook
social media trends and outlook

Influencers are key: They’ve spent a tremendous time generating good will amongst their following. Reliable and trustworthy influencers can help you scale your network in no time.

Killer copy lines: There are so many brands out there and consumers today are bombarded with content. Whilst professional language is the minimum requirement, you have to go the extra mile with your brand’s communication tone and language to stand out.

Positive vibes only: Let’s be honest. 2016 has been weird and every second day we read about something going wrong. People have enough negativity in their feed already. Your brand should not be adding to it. If you must talk about the news or current affairs… put it in positive light and bring out the best in the situation.

Relevant hashtags please: We’ve all seen posts where the brand has gone overboard with hashtags. Please do not be one of those brands.

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