Five Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Is A Great Opportunity For Women

Missing women at work in India

Entrepreneurship in every capacity means a willingness to design, launch, organise and manage a business venture. In the recent past, the country has observed a rise in the number of women entrepreneurs. They are starting on their own and rising up to the challenges. There are multiple ways entrepreneurship is a great opportunity for women. Here are some:

1. Scripting your own story – Transfiguring passion into believable outcomes

Entrepreneurship is an enlightening platform for women to foray into areas of their ultimate interest, eventually turning their hobby, skill and passion into profitable businesses. The freedom to make choices and owning those choices is an exceptional advantage for women. Areas like corporate sectors, journalism, e-commerce, travel, education etc. are being revamped by women in their own unique way.

2. Accelerates the equality movement

Crucially, women as entrepreneurs will pace up the fight for equality. The fact that women are already running organisations is reason enough to keep believing that the change is coming. However, there is a long way to go when we talk about numbers. Economic Times states, “According to the National Sample Survey Organisation, only 14% of business establishments in India are being run by women entrepreneurs. The data also revealed that most of these women-run companies are small-scale and about 79% of them are self-financed.” There are challenges, sure, but entrepreneurship will resort to more positive outcomes for other women to rise.

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3. More role models – Opportunity to lead the way and transform lives

A number of women diving into entrepreneurship, doing remarkably well, is a boon for millions of other women who need an uplift. Entrepreneurship makes a difference by fighting social norms, generating more employment and revamping economic zones.

4. Constant self investment – The art of learning new possibilities

Speeding on one’s own sense of career path and managing it will carve out new possibilities for women. This will enable them to grow into phenomenal leaders at the workplace. Acquiring knowledge through networking, resorting to innovations, seminars, events and trends, and putting it into appropriate use is one major opportunity that can contribute to the growth.

5.  Turning hardships into opportunities to drive control and excellence

Multiple failed attempts precede success. Entrepreneurship gives women the power of persistence to shake off the taboo, rise above their struggles and keep going. Women have the power of their mental strength which drives them to firmly stand their ground. This administers the opportunity to live life on one’s own terms. 

Women are increasingly making path-breaking accomplishments. People acknowledge the fact that it is the quality of work that stands tall and holds ultimate importance, irrespective of gender, caste or creed.

Women, whenever you find something that fills you with passion and a sense of purpose, hold on to it because the world’s your stage!

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Bhawana is an intern with SheThePeople.TV