These Older Women Set Cool Fitness Goals In 2021

These fit older women have set new standards of health and working out at an age no one expected them to!

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It seldom happens that one hears of fit older women or grandmas who are icons of health once they enter the 'senior citizen' age group. After all, given the lives they have lived accumulating wisdom and experience, they deserve to put their feet up and spend their years of retirement in comfort. But this age is also crucial to maintaining prolonged good health; reclining back into sedentary lives seems easy and appealing but what would that spell for their physical and mental well-being?

Some women have taken it upon themselves to show the world that age is no bar to the fitness feats one is capable of achieving, once they get their hearts and heads set on a goal. From deadlifting hefty weights to running marathons barefoot with their sarees tied up at their waists, these grandmothers are shattering barriers and making inspirational journeys to take charge of their health - (and how!) - in their second innings.

These Fit Older Women In India You Should Know About:

1. Kiran Bai 

She is 83 and she can deadlift in a saree! Kiran Bai stunned netizens when she went viral this year for the fitness she can boast of at an age many consider is when people turn relatively immobile. An accident in 2020 rendered damage to her feet and a disheartened Kiran Bai, who had always been a sports champ, had to rest into a sedentary lifestyle. But not for long. Her grandson, a gym trainer, installed some equipment at home and slowly, she began a workout routine that made jaws drop. In Instagram videos shared by her grandson, Kiran Bai is seen deadlifting weights as heavy as 25 kgs barefoot in her saree.

2. Bowler Dadi 

A Twitter favourite from 2021, Bowler Dadi won thousands of hearts when she threw a clean strike in the bowling alley, toppling all the pins. This, she did in her saree and a face mask, like a total boss! Shared by her grandson, the clip that went viral showed her making an effortless strike and then walking back as if that was a daily stunt for her. Netizens loved her style and many lauded her spirit. After she shot to fame, the woman gave a heartwarming thanks to all her fans in a follow-up video. "My grandma really appreciates all the love she’s received, and is so glad that she was able to make people’s day," her grandson wrote.


3. Ravi Bala Sharma 

2021 was her year! More than once, Ravi Bala Sharma's videos went viral on social media, leaving netizens tapping their feet and watching her in awe. Known to the internet as 'dancing dadi,' Sharma is a sensation on Instagram where she grooves to the beats of trending reel songs. With every step, she proves 62 is just a number. Throughout her life, she focused on building a career and caring for her family but post-retirement, she is indulging in the passions she previously left behind. What's more, Sharma can also play the tabla like a maestro.

4. Usha Soman 

One would think, who is able enough to surpass the competency of India's fitness icon Milind Soman? There is perhaps only one answer: his mother. 82-year-old Usha Soman is setting new standards of health at her age like no other! From running marathons in sarees to holding a plank for minutes on end, she has raced past her son on strength. Last year, she reportedly became the oldest woman to successfully complete the Sandakphu Phalut trek. For Soman, her son is her biggest cheerleader and often puts her forward as an example on social media of how it's never too late to begin caring for your health.

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