Kashmiri Woman Plans To Drive Past Societal Norms In Snow Car Rally

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Meet Dr Sharmeen, The First Woman Driver to Take Part in Kashmir’s Snow Car Rally

A Kashmiri woman is breaking stereotypes by competing in the Snow Car Rally. Medical professional, Dr Sharmeen Mushtaq, will be the first Kashmiri woman to participate in the snow car rally in Gulmarg, reported News 18.


In several parts of India, including Kashmir's snowy valleys, women still fight prejudice. In such a scenario, Mushtaq’s bold step to challenge the age-old mindsets could make her participation in the snow car rally is a welcome move.

The two -day competition is called 'Frozen Rush'. When asked about the challenges, Mushtaq said, ''I like to compete and live my dreams in the rare God-sent opportunity.''

''I am thrilled. So is my father, and brother. My two kids have given me a thumbs up too. Inshallah, I will be there,'' she added.

This is the country’s only snow car race. 

Mushtaq said she 'likes to compete and live her dreams in the rare God-sent opportunity.

''I will be practising very soon. I have driven through the Jammu-Srinagar highway many times. But have driven in snow on very few occasions,'' she said.


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She has been “following the activities of car racers closely since many of her relatives are already a part of their club”.

Asked about the competition, Mushtaq said, ''I have got a platform and will give it my best shot. Winning and losing is not important, but participating is.''

On striking a balance between her profession as a doctor and her passion for motorsports, she said, “Why not? If you have it in you and you are provided with a well-structured platform to show your skills, then you must give it a try at least.''

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On breaking the glass ceiling in a male-dominated sport, she said, “Wow, I am finally going to race. It’s going to be a long-lived dream coming true,'' she said, adding she hopes to race her Thar vehicle on the Gulmarg stretch.”


''The feeling is still sinking in. I have been driving for past 20 years and getting behind the wheel gives me an immense thrill,'' she said

The mother of two is proving that women are no longer veiled up inside closed doors.

''If I want, I can inspire more women of Kashmir to come and join the sport, it will break the barriers. Kashmiri women should continue to push boundaries to live their dream.''

After all, a good motive could change the perspective, right?

Feature Image Credit: News18

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