Aam Aadmi Party MLA Atishi Violates Silence Period; FIR Filed Against The Politician

FIR filed against Atishi, Atishi Home minister
An FIR was filed against Atishi, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader and Delhi MLA for holding a public meeting during the silence period. The FIR was filed by Sanket Gupta who said that the AAP leader and MLA Atishi held public meetings on June 22, during the silence period at Sindhu Samaj temple in the Rajinder Nagar constituency.

The public meeting and political campaign were held by Atishi for the Rajinder Nagar bypolls taking place on June 23.

The complainant mentioned that since Atishi was not a voter of the Rajinder Nagar constituency, her actions were a violation of the Election Commission of India (ECI) guidelines. He requested immediate action against Atishi for violating the ECI guidelines by campaigning during the silence period and for her presence in the Rajinder Nagar constituency. Gupta added that there was evidence to prove that Atishi had held several political meetings during the silence period.

The silence period usually begins 48 hours before the voting day and ends after polling ends. During the silence period, no candidates or political parties can actively campaign. Television and digital media cannot carry any election-related matters.

Gupta, the complainant requested the police to conduct a survey of MLAs from Punjab with the Punjab police and the number of MLAs from Delhi present in the Rajinder Nagar constituency. He said that it could “affect the free and fair poll”.

The politician, educator, and political activist Atishi has been involved with Aam Aadmi Party since January 2o13. She is currently the elected MLA from the Kalkaji constituency of South Delhi.

FIR Filed Against Atishi

In response to the complaint, an enquiry was conducted into the probe and the caretaker of the Sindhu Samaj Temple was probed. The caretaker of the temple informed that on June 22, Atishi had held a meeting with around 40 to 50 AAP workers. The meeting began at 6 pm and ended after two hours at 8 pm.

The premises were booked by AAP Jagdish Bhalla and the alleged person violated ACP Karol Bagh’s order. An offence under Indian Penal Code Section 188 and Section 126 was made.

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