Feminism Is Pure And Simple Equality Says Rohini Ramnathan

Rohini Ramnathan

In our endeavour to seed more feminist thoughts we decided to ask around people, who are in roles which influence public opinion, what they think about feminism. Here are some responses from Rohini Ramnathan the popular radio jockey on Radio Nasha in Mumbai.

A big part of being a feminist comes from my family where I am the older sibling. So, my younger brother literally looked up to me (though not any more, he is way taller now!) My alma maters inculcated that sense of individuality and standing for something – not once was I ever told that I was lesser than a man.

Feminism is pure and simple equality

Men are beautiful partners and have their own strengths and weaknesses, we have to be kind to everyone equally. Equal opportunity, non-chauvinistic attitudes of men and women around me, merit determining success – what a privilege to grow up around! Hence to me, feminism is pure and simple equality.

If you believe men and women are equal, you are a feminist. It is rather archaic to ‘ask’ for a feminist society – the very act of asking for feminism derides it. However, societies the world over have fallen prey to forms of normalizing inequality and unjust practice.

Feminism has nothing to do with rich versus poor, privileged versus the needy – it is about breaking an existing and internalized power structure that allows disrespect in any form towards women.

On Seeding Feminist Thoughts

Since I’ve spent most of my working life in the radio, I have had the wonderful chance to ‘seed feminist thoughts’ every day through my show. Radio is such a gender neutral medium that way – giving importance to your thoughts and content over ‘who’ says it. I have been able to take stands, give opinions, ask for accountability and make change through this medium. I won’t lie – it takes everyday coaching with my team to look at ‘sexist’ statements that are made just ‘off the cuff’ and reminding them that we, as makers of media have to be most conscious of the impact we have on a mass audience.”

RJ Rohini is a popular voice in Mumbai Radio world and has also made her presence felt across mediums like films, TV shows and live shows.

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