Female leaders are as effective as male leaders

One of the biggest misconceptions people all over the world have is that the reason behind women not reaching the top positions at the workplace, is because they don’t have the leadership qualities required to succeed. Well, if women like Indra Nooyi, Christine Lagarde, Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer already haven’t disproved this notion, then may be the research by KPMG and YSC will.


The study titled ‘Cracking the Code’ researched on all popular myths about women at workplace and found that women are just as capable of being great and effective leaders. According to the study, men’s and women’s leadership is experienced as broadly similar. The study states, “The marginal difference between men and women leaders are subtle and complementary. However, men’s marginal leadership strengths appear to be disproportionately rewarded by organizations.”


Quoting a Managing Director of a large corporate company, the research states: “The men in our business would appear to be much more action oriented and can move at great pace and sometimes that is too quick, and the women tend to give balance in terms of setting our strategic priorities and ensuring we are going in the right direction.”


Researches like these and many others have focused on the untapped potential in women that is imperative to the advancement of women and the business model as a whole. Hopefully companies and firms around the world, would soon take conscious steps to ensure that women get equal opportunities to prove their worth at work.



[Featured Picture Courtesy: Woman Biz Life]