Fearing Cop Raids, Gurugram Club Owners Bar Single Women

club owners bar women

If you are a single woman looking forward to spend a good weekend with pals at a club in MG Road, Gurugram, chances are that you will be turned away. According to a report by Hindustan Times, club owners on MG Road are denying entry to single women.

The Trigger

It all started on 3 July when the police conducted raids in the area to check alleged solicitation and immoral trafficking. The club owners decided to implement “no-single-women” policy to do away with any precarious situation altogether in the future.

According to the policy, women willing to enter the clubs must be accompanied by their husbands, and should be able to furnish proof of the fact that they are married. And if they cannot, they will be turned away

“We do not allow single women in our clubs (now). Only married couples will be allowed or women who are accompanied by their fiancé. We check the body language of the couple, their IDs and overall profile before we grant them entry,” said Naresh Kumar, a club owner in the area.

Police commissioner KK Rao clarified that he has not passed any order against the entry of single women in clubs.  “I am well aware that illegal activities take place in such areas which makes them unsafe for women. Strict action will be taken against those found indulging in any such activities. We will make these places safe enough for them to be visited by families,” he mentioned.

SheThePeople.Tv spoke to some single women to know their views on this “No-single-women” policy.

Archaic rules

“Why is it that in every situation, it’s a woman who has to sacrifice? How about you ‘check the body language’ of males or demand a proof of their identity to curb the illegal activities? Because this doesn’t make sense. I can’t party because I’m a woman? Really? I don’t feel like I’m in the 21st century anymore,” says Kriti Dwivedi, journalism student of Delhi University.

The policy can’t curb crimes

Nilima Bisht, another student of Delhi University, blames the authorities for not improving the situation and putting unnecessary restrictions on women.

“Laying entry restrictions in clubs for single women will only hamper the situation, to say the least. They need to deal with crimes like rackets in a way which protects women and not restrict them. Denying women the right to a club just because the owners and authorities are incompetent and inefficient in dealing with crime and criminals is, without doubt, a lost cause,” she says.

Same rules should be applied to men as well

“I don’t think these steps bring an assurance that cases of trafficking will decrease. Restricting women entry in clubs don’t assure that they are safe on the roads. Safety of women is a major challenge in Gurugram. Some or the other step needs to be taken in order to stop the rising crime rate and there are strict instructions for these pubs and clubs to ensure nothing illegal is happening. But restricting their entry is not the right way to deal with these cases. If you’re denying a single women to enter, please apply the same rules on single men. Denying women to enter the clubs won’t improve the situation in any way,” asserts Deepali Maggo, who is pursuing her Masters from IP University.

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