A father-daughter relationship is among the most special bonds in the world. A modern dad not only treats his daughter like a princess but will also encourage her to be strong and resilient. Roland Pollard and his daughter Jayden provide the latest evidence for that. A short video of the two recently went viral, giving social media all sorts of parenting goals. It shows four-year-old Jayden practicing cheerleading stunts with her father, until midway, she falls and begins to cry. Pollard takes her up in his arms and gently encourages her to not lose heart and try again. Wiping her tears, she attempts the stunt once more. This time, she succeeds, and how!

Pollard can be seen instructing her step-by-step throughout the video so that Jayden can ace her acrobatics without fear. The video is befittingly captioned, “How to bounce back after a fall- We don’t hit every stunt we throw, but we always end on a good note! #thatsmybaby.”

Here is the video of the duo that has garnered over one million views on Instagram:

Video Goes Viral

Pollard’s little pep talk to his daughter when she falls had social media users gushing over the duo. The moment where he tells her, “Daddy will always save you, I’ll never let you hit the ground okay,” had everyone reaching for their tissues.

The heartwarming video amassed a volley of praises from all over, including from actor Will Smith, who shared the video on his profile, writing, “WATCH TILL THE END.”

Other users too rooted for the beautiful relationship Pollard and his daughter share, applauding him for raising her right and for inspiring other fathers to do the same. One man wrote, “This is beautiful brother. I have a seven-year-old who I try to teach I’m a manner that makes her ready for the world. You’re a good man and she’s a lucky daughter.” Another user wrote praising Pollard, “Dad of the year award!!!!!!”

Who Is This Father-Daughter Duo?

The Pollard family lives in Texas, USA, with Jayden being the only child to her parents.

Little Jayden has been cheer training since a very young age with her father, and they have loads of such videos of practicing stunts together both inside their house and outdoors. Their videos have been gaining a lot of popularity on Instagram and TikTok for their content that manages to wow netizens every single time.

Views expressed are the author’s own. 

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