Man Confesses To Several Minor Girls’ Rape And Murder In The Last Two Years

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After a 54-year-old man in Faridabad was arrested in a rape and murder case of a 21-year-old woman, the police found out that he had allegedly raped and killed three minor girls in the last two years.

According to reports, the accused has been identified as Singhraj Nagar who works as a security guard at a private hospital in Sector 16 of Faridabad. He is a native of Jasana village and had been convicted of killing his uncle and cousin 36 years ago. During interrogations, the man reportedly revealed on Monday to the police that he used to rape minor girls and women and then used to strangulate them to death. After killing them, the man reportedly used to dump their bodies in the Agra canal. The police was not able to find evidence against the man as the bodies to flow away in the canal.

Faridabad Man Accused Of Several Rape-Murder Arrested By Police:

Nagar got arrested recently for his alleged fourth offence when the body of the woman got stuck in the bushes, an officer said. In the first week of January, the man learned two days after allegedly killing a 21-year-old woman that her body had gotten stuck in the bushes and did not flow away like the others. He then reportedly called the woman’s grandmother in his village and confessed to killed her.

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The grandmother then informed the police and the man was arrested. The police found out during the investigation of the case that Nagar had raped and killed three minor girls since 2019. Narender Kadiyan, the Deputy Chief of Police, Faridabad was quoted saying, “Nagar was acquainted with the fourth victim, a BA final year student, since a couple of years. On December 31, he took her to his village Jasana, about 16 km away from Faridabad, on his bicycle. He kept her in a room for for two days and raped her. Finally, he strangulated her to death and threw her body in the Agra canal.”

As per reports, the police revealed that Nagar had lured a 15-year-old daughter of a tea seller to his room at the hospital and allegedly raped her in December 2019. When the girl tried to raise an alarm, Nagar allegedly strangulated her and dumped her body in the Agra canal. He repeated the crime in August 2020 when he allegedly raped and killed a minor girl, sister of a housekeeping staff at the hospital and dumped her body in the same manner. The DCP said that the next crime was committed by Nagar in June 2021 against another minor girl.

According the police officer, only the 21-year-old woman’s body has been recovered so far with no trace of the three minor girls. The DCP said, “Our team is questioning him and we hope some other cases will be solved too.”