Delhi Court Refused Bail To Bodybuilder Who Threatened Woman Of Leaking Her Private Videos

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Delhi court refused to give bail to a bodybuilder who was accused of giving promise of marriage to a woman and also of threatening her that he will leak her private videos.

Faizan Khan, accused of having physical intercourse with a married lady, 38, by fraudulently promising marriage, demanding money, recording films, abandoning her when she became pregnant.

False Promise of Marriage And Consent:

He allegedly continued to rape her, according to the complaint, and when she informed her family she was thrown out of her in-laws’ house. She reportedly travelled to Bengaluru and tried to commit suicide but was saved by someone’s intervention and was taken to the police station to file a report. Prashant Sharma, an Additional Sessions Judge, stated that “the charges against the accused are of rape.”

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“Keeping in mind the woman’s condition and situation and how physically and emotionally she is hurt, Faizan Khan should not be given bail,” the Delhi Court said.

The accused had requested bail on the grounds that the woman had voluntarily engaged in physical intercourse with him and had not requested any money from him. He said that neither the time, date, or location of the alleged incident were specified in the FIR filed in response to his complaint.

Khan, who has been held in custody since December 4, 2021, also stated that the FIR was filed with an excessive and unjustifiable delay. The woman insisted through his lawyer, Sahil Mongia, that her consent was not given freely, but was given in exchange for his promise to marry her.

“The woman’s consent was falsely received by promising marriage. Such consent is considered no consent. The woman was falsely promised the marriage thing, this is completely wrong and there are many more like her, behavior like this shouldn’t be encouraged.” stated lawyer Sahil Mongia. He said that Faizan Khan is a bodybuilder who could threaten his client if he is released on bail.

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