Facebook asks its law firms to prove diversity before working for them

Poorvi Gupta
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Facebook is not only pushing for more gender diversity at its own organisation but also diversity in the law firms it is choosing to work with.


The outside lawyers who represent the company in legal matters now have to have a minimum of 33% of the law firm team to be comprised of women and ethnic groups other than white people. Facebook has asked the law firms to show on a timely basis that they are giving leadership opportunities to women and minority groups working in their company.

The opportunities given to women and ethnic groups “include serving as relationship managers and representing Facebook in the courtroom,” said Facebook’s general counsel, Colin Stretch in an interview with New York Times. He further added that the legal department has been headed towards increasing diversity for the last couple of years now.

Facebook may have made in compulsory for the outside law firm to have 33% representation of women and minorities but New York times questions its own record in diversity. According to reported data by the publication, in 2016, blacks and Hispanics last July contributed to only 3 percent each of senior leadership, and women made up an additional 27 percent.

Facebook is not the one to spearhead the phenomenon of diversity among its law firm but many other companies as well in corporate America are demanding the same from outside firms. A Few examples of this is MetLife, Morgan Stanley and HP etc.


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